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Everybody has 2 reasons for doing what they do - the good reason and the real reason ......

It feels quite uncomfortable considering this - maybe because we all like to thing we make decision for good reasons. So the jury is out for me on this statement.

It is however a fascinating issue which I came across in a Rory Sutherland video he did for WIRED back in 2019. In this 30 minute video Rory gives an Ad Man's perspective on the power of psychological placebos and how they affect everyday decisions that we make, and you know what, I could relate to the examples. I'm sure that I have experienced cleaning my car and then feeling like it drove better after being cleaned!

When I came across the video I particularly reflected on the statement that the conscious brain likes to think that its the oval office when in reality it is mainly the press office. In essence the concept is that reason has little use in human decision making - it is largely instinctive and what we do is rationalise decisions post event.

This follows on from my previous post about self knowledge being the most important kind of knowledge.

I am now off to buy some really expensive red paracetamol as revisiting this video and writing this blog has sent my head into a spin - sorry you'll have to watch the clip to understand what I am talking about.

To finish on a serious point - I have used this subject and video to engage with teams in work to establish and develop relationships and support individuals reflections on things that influence how we behave - in and outside of work

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